(Sigh) Those Parking Lot Guys…

Posted by on December 17, 2019

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Where they’ve been able to get under the radar of the law enforcement agencies and the city’s miserly authorities, you may have heard them, you most probably have seen them often enough and some of them may even have tried to squeeze you for a few bucks more. But please folks, give these guys a break too, won’t you. They may not have the opportunities that come your way. And all they’re trying to do is eke out a living in an honest sort of way.

Yes sirree Bob, we’re talking about your dang parking guards. Try and think for a moment what a great favor they’ve been trying to do for you. Because maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t. hardly ever a ding or scratch on your car door. Yes, these guys have been trying to help you park just right. And if you have been having issues with scratches around your car, maybe a bit of driver ed is in order for you.

Where you should be parking too should be pretty straightforward. What you want to do is avoid those dodgy and dangerous lanes where you’ll probably be bumping into dangerous and dodgy guys passing themselves off as parking guards. Or meter maids. And what you want to do is just park legally already. You go to those well-kept parking lots that are just so spic and span, and with plenty of space to park to boot.

That’s because of those decent guys and girls working the commercial parking lot sweeping oviedo fl contracts. Yup, they’re like actually sweeping the parking lots. And if it means having to pay a small fee to keep your car clean and safe while you’re off working, shopping or at the ballgame, then so be it, surely.